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Freelance writing splits into four main types

  • SEO writing,

  • Content writing,

  • Business to Business,

  • and Copywriting.

I love writing jamesjohnwrites.com

You’ll be glad to know that the process to break into any of these fields is pretty similar.

The flip-side to this is deciding which type of writing to go for, and how to start.

You don’t need to be a university graduate, although knowing a few ‘tricks of the trade’ always comes in handy.

Once you master the skills, which are far from rocket science, the sky will be your ultimate goal.

The advantages of being a freelance writer are plenty.

  • You can work the hours you wish.
  • Commuting to work would be a thing of the past.
  • You can work from anywhere, even while you’re on the beach.
  • You can be your own boss.
  • You can become a successful writer, even when you have little experience.
  • You can start from scratch and work your way up, one step at a time.
  • You will learn how to attract clients eager for your talents.
  • You can also choose which clients to take on, and which to reject.

Write the words to inspire action.

Words, by themselves, are quite useless.

For the greatest effect, you need to know several easy-to-learn things.

It all boils down to these FOUR points:

  • How to use them,
  • Where to use them,
  • Which ones to use, and
  • Which ones you should avoid…

The question here is are you quite happy as you are, or…

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