All About Retirement

Before my alarm clock went off, I woke up to the roar of a haunting storm.

It was still dark, pitch black to be exact.

Fierce rain struck the bedroom window. The howling wind rattled the glass panes, and light flashed from behind the curtains, soon followed by booming thunder rumblings.   

How I hated getting out of bed on similar mornings.

Then I remembered…

I realized the alarm clock wasn’t going to go off and I didn’t need to go out in that awful weather to go to work anymore.

I already gave my bit to the business world, and I did it for countless years.

Those days are permanently gone, they’re history, for I’m now officially RETIRED.

I sighed out of relief, smiled, and went back to sleep.

The journey to retirement, filled with ups and downs, emotions of all kinds, and yes, sheer terror…was worth it.

Despite all that, now, I can safely say that “Retirement is Wonderful”.

Retirement was something I initially refused to dare dwell about as even the word itself was horrible.

I thought it meant growing old, being past it, and turning into a senile ‘has-been’.

I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried.

I’ll share with you my writings, and findings, about my wacky, weird, and wonderful journey to retirement.

You’ll discover what terrified me, what my struggles were, what caused my sleepless nights, and finally, how I coped and found peace of mind.

You’re more than welcome to enter my world…become a part of it, and hopefully find guidance for your very own private retirement journey.

James John