Avoiding Online Casinos for Good Reasons

Not only those with small sign-up bonuses or those located abroad are best avoided when playing at online casinos. Gaming online may be a lot of fun. Jackpots at online sites can be much bigger than those at traditional casinos. This is due to the far lower overheads of any online business compared to its brick-and-mortar equal. But who can you rely on, and who should you avoid? For many, especially those who can’t control themselves, the best advice given is to avoid online casinos at all costs. Yet, you should take into account the following factors while choosing which online casinos to play at. This list is not a comprehensive one by no means. 

Any online company worth its salt pays attention to the little things. That includes doing things like proofreading for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. What can you expect of a website owner’s customer service if they don’t care about those simple things? Even worse, if poor grammar and spelling are present not because the website owner didn’t care, but rather because he or she was unable to repair it. In this case, then there is a serious issue. Click out of there as fast as you can.

Avoid spamming internet casinos

Avoid any online casinos with a spammy reputation. Any email spam you receive about online casinos is most likely not from the casinos themselves. The chances are, it’s from overzealous affiliates who are still learning the ropes. The terms and conditions of their affiliate programs make it quite plain that any credible internet firm will not resort to spam. Whether it has behaved in good faith or not, any internet firm that is lax on this principle is best avoided.

In many rogue casino lists, there are online casinos to stay away from. You can get blacklists and other “not recommended” lists by only typing a search term into a search engine. Enter “Name of Casino” + “scam” or “blacklist” to see what happens. Indeed, nowadays, online casinos operate to existing regulations, but even five or six years ago, this wasn’t the case. A lengthy memory is a trait of watchful online casino watchdogs. It won’t harm you to avoid any listed casino, even though it may have improved after inclusion on such a list. Additionally, it motivates brand-new casinos to stay on the straight and narrow.

Fake “authorities” and “ethical commissions”

Use of unfair-play seals and logos improperly. This includes certification from phony “authorities” and “ethical commissions” that have a professional appearance. Be on the lookout for eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) accreditation as proof of real integrity. That’s not avoiding an online casino if they’re not on the list. But rather, it’s only an indicator the casino has attained a certain respectability.

The auditing of the online casino’s log files and account activity should be transparent. Check the terms and conditions of the online casino for any mentions of independent auditing.

Avoiding online casinos without customer service

Avoiding Online Casinos that do not answer questions or address grievances. Unfortunately, since they won’t speak of themselves in the negative, you can’t discern this from the online casino’s website itself. Joining online forums where topics like which online casinos to avoid are often discussed can be helpful at this point. Watch out for those who have a grudge against specific casinos because they weren’t lucky. But, be wary if many people have similar opinions on the same casino. Mass agreement most times indicates that there is cause for complaint.

You should avoid, like the plague, online casinos, and any other online business if the main contact email is a Hotmail or a Yahoo address! Or any other free account. The email address for the casino should be something like support “at” CasinoName or admin “at” CasinoName if the casino is called CasinoName.

Avoid casinos for various reasons

You should also avoid casinos, be they brick-and-mortar or online, for many other various reasons. The most important reason that you should never forget is that most times you end up having a lot less money than when you started “playing”.

IF, in the rare extremity that you win something on a particular day, you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t last too long in your possession. Either that, or what you got back is what you had played, and lost, on previous occasions.

It’s not wise for people who are retired, and or are living on a pension, to have this form of “entertainment”. If you’re enjoying your retirement, take heed, and use your intelligence to the best of your abilities.