Our Crowning Glory

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Men’s hairstyles, like fashion trends, come and go.   Throughout the years, history has seen some great styles which tend to outlive those who wear them.  In days gone by, having it long was prestigious.  King Louis XIV posed for portraits and made public appearances wearing a dark brown long wig.  Nicknamed ‘Le Chevelu’, because of …

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Netflix and learn – six ways to teach English language skills with television

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With over thirty-seven percent of the world’s internet users using Netflix, many teenage learners of English placed Netflix as the top place to encounter this language online. Melissa Thomson, who’s a British Council teacher and trainer in Bilbao, describes how she approaches teaching English using Netflix, which works very well. “I was surprised to discover …

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Golden Rules for Good Writing

Steven Pinker jamesjohnwrites.com

Bill Gates called one of the books by Steven Pinker as his favourite book of all time. Famed as a Harvard linguistic, Steven Pinker is the author of several bestsellers.   Sharing his wisdom on Twitter, in just 13 tweets, his best advice boils down to, “Reverse engineer what you read; don’t go meta; omit needless …

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International TEFL Academy’s Teach Abroad Film Festival

TEFL is Fun jamesjohnwrites.com

Every English teacher loves the smiles of youngsters in places like South Korea, Portugal, Vietnam, Spain and Peru.  A series of short films takes the audience round the world to experience this international joy. With nearly two billion people wanting to learn English, it’s no surprise that approximately a quarter of a million native English …

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Writing Advice from Local Authors

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Lindsey Anderson asked three authors how they approach writing. Sara Dahmen replied, “Any aspiring author, or even those well-trenched, can never get enough networking.” Amy E. Reichert says, “Take advantage of the wonderful author events at Boswell Books, and Books & Co in Oconomowoc.” Valerie Biel says, “You must be persistent in your desire to …

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SEO: 9 Content Optimization Tools

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Luckily for you, technology comes to the rescue in many ways to help you improve the way you write.  These range from General Writing Tools, to Specific Writing Tools, and everything in between. There is bound to be something here to tickle your fancy, from grammar, spelling, style, tone, as well as copywriting and SEO.