Bored with the same old hotels

If you’re sick and bored with the same old hotels whenever you travel, it’s time to spice up your accommodations with these original hotel suggestions that will enhance your experience.

While browsing the Internet or watching TV, make a note of any fascinating hotels you come across. When traveling, take any brochures for unusual lodging that you come across. Most times, you’ll find these small pamphlets stacked on a display rack in the hotel foyer.

Think of reserving a bed and breakfast. B & Bs are getting more and more popular because each one offers a distinctive experience in contrast to a typical hotel company. These are somewhat less expensive than traditional hotels and motels. Most times offering quiet, lovely rooms and delicious homemade meals.

You can use, now known as, to find the ideal bed and breakfast in the city you’re visiting.

Try a Convent of a Monastry

Try a convent or monastery if you’re visiting another country and want to experience something unique in silence. You can stay for far less than what a hotel would charge in many locations. Other places only need a little donation. Only be ready to sacrifice some of the more customary hotel amenities, like TV, in exchange for silence.

Check out the accommodations at if you don’t mind spending about what you would for a respectable hotel. There, you’ll find a special selection of inns and hotels that have been personally rated by visitors from all over the world.

Consider staying in a nearby lodge or cabin if you intend to visit one of the great parks in the United States. Of course, you could always pitch a tent if you wanted to rough it and save money. Many parks also offer on-site lodging.

My friend searches for condos or houses to rent before his trips. If you are traveling with your family, this can be a terrific idea because you have all the conveniences of home and can save money by cooking your meals.

Why not Exchange House with a Partner?

Many people may also exchange houses with you, but it might be difficult to locate a partner if you live in a location that is not well-liked by tourists.

Visiting Europe on a backpacking trip? During your travels across the continent, you might think about staying at a youth hostel. Many are set up like dormitories with common bathrooms and kitchens, but they may be relatively affordable and provide a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. Just make sure to exercise some common sense if you intend to remain in a group setting.

The tourist seeking a little extra excitement has a wide range of possibilities at their disposal, of which these are only a few. Rewards will come your way as unforgettable experiences if you keep your eyes and mind open to new possibilities.