Can anybody learn copywriting, even without any prevoius experience?

You’ll be very happy to know that yes, anybody can learn copywriting, even if you have never done it before.

Copywriting is a skill, a craft, which can be learned and finely tuned like any other.

It’s true, most of the relevant information is actually found in the thousands of books out there. However, other ways to learn this fantastic, almost magical, form of writing are available…and you just have to find them.

One of the best methods by which to grasp copywriting is to break it down into three chunks:

  • Marketing
  • The art of persuasion, and
  • The Masters of copywriting themselves.


This is the process of promoting and selling products and services.  Marketing is totally based on customer needs, and satisfaction. Consumers need to be advised why they should readily choose your product rather than one from your competitors. Knowing a little about marketing works wonders, as you can put all the pieces of the copywriting puzzle together to form an efficient and effective structure. 

The Art of Persuasion

In just a few words, this simply means getting others to see things as you see them, and this is an essential key for entrepreneurs, be they multi-million dollar enterprises, or if you just own a blog.

The Master of Copywriting

In my books, the true Masters are people like Joe Sugarman and David Ogilvy, just to mention a few, but I don’t wish to do the many others any form of injustice. My dilemma is that if I were to mention them all, this article would be never-ending. 

It is not necessary to follow all their footsteps, but to pay particular attention to what they have done which works, and, better still, what doesn’t, so you’ll avoid the mistakes they made.

A typical way of doing all the above is to study and analyze ads about particular products. 

Most successful products generally have some things in common, like putting a person’s mind at rest when affecting a purchase. One element that quickly comes to mind is the offering of a “money back guarantee”, with no questions asked. 

The ultimate way to learn this craft is to practice your writing, even if you think you suck at it. 

Let’s be honest now, nothing happens by just wishing it to happen. However, once you put your mind to it, it will happen for you.

Constant writing is what will make you stand out in a crowd

For those who are entwined in other commitments, such as having a full time job, or a family, it’s not expected that these people sit down and write for hours on a daily basis. 

It is just not possible, and I understand that very well. 

However, you need to be in the right frame of mind to write. Getting your deserved rest is essential so you’ll be refreshed when you come to put pen to paper. It’s more productive to write something ‘out of this world’ within the span of only a few minutes, rather than write for hours, but with ‘crap’ being the end result.

As skilled and talented as these people genuinely are, copywriters spend countless hours battling with their inner-self to make a copy better than it is. 

The Copywriting Secret

The secret of copywriting is simple. It’s writing, re-writing, re-writing and re-writing even more, and then finally, polishing the copy until it dazzles whoever reads it.

Hey, nobody said it was easy, but it can be done…and you can do it too. 

So how do you actually do it, and where do you start from?

A good starting point is by studying and analyzing any ads which caught your attention. 

If they managed to get you to notice them, they must be good, so it stands to reason these will also get somebody else’s attention. 

What you do is write these down, word for word, over and over again, and more times still…

can-anybody-learn-copywriting-even without any previous experience_2

After doing this on a regular basis for a period of time, without realizing it, you will have absorbed the core which triggers the power to create magical ads.  This process of learning, almost on a subconscious plane, will help boost your skills and techniques, which will be, by then, honed to a level which goes even beyond your own expectations. 

As a copywriter, the power you hold is tremendous.  I would go as far as calling it ‘Scary’.  You can use your content to achieve almost the impossible, and this spans from collecting donations, to raking it in through email newsletters.

The power will be at your fingertips, literally

Anyone can become a copywriter, even if you haven’t been to university and came out with any ‘to write home about’ qualifications.   

What’s more, you can have a full-time job, a part-time job, or even be retired. You can live on Mount Everest, or at the bottom of the deepest ocean. For all I know, you can be a social recluse.  None of these things make the slightest bit of difference.

You can be a copywriter in whatever type of lifestyle you choose to abide by, and you can also be a damn good copywriter.

You will, eventually, grow to become somebody famous, even larger than life…and why not?

Your killer copywriting skills will be in great demand. 

Your big advantage is that the world just hasn’t enough copywriters to meet the ever increasing demands of the business sphere, so your future clients are already waiting for you.

Your mastery of words is essential, which is something you can learn, and you can make a ton of money in the process.

Learn Copywriting Summary

  • Copywriting is about stringing words together, but not just any words in any order will do.  These have to be structured in a certain way so they can persuade a person to act upon your words.  Copywriting is a specialized form of writing, which involves structure, technique, persuasion, and the actual love of being a wordsmith.
  • You have to know how to hit the ‘right buttons’ to get a person excited enough, and almost begging, to get hold of the product or service you’re trying to sell. 
  • If you don’t think you can do it because of this reason or the other, or you feel you’re not good enough, then don’t worry so much about it. 
  • The good news is that it can be done.
  • You too can learn this craft, and just to put your mind at ease, it’s certainly not something which is out of your reach…or that of anybody’s.