The Definitive Copywriting Guide

Brian Dean of Backlinko

We all know the importance of copywriting.  To make life easier, Brian Dean unleashes a tremendous guide about copywriting – the ultimate guide to writing AWESOME copy.  “If you want to write copy that converts, you need to master one simple rule: Write like your customers talk.”  Brian says: “So if you want more traffic, …

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43 useful Power Words to boost Your Copywriting to the stars

Power Words to boost Your Copywriting

What exactly are ‘Power Words’, and how do they help a copywriter? Decisive words have this incredible energy to get the desired reaction from a reader.  They add simple and positive ingredients to strengthen your intentions, and transform something ordinary, into something worth paying for. Power Words are essentially a copywriter’s tools.  Just like a …

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Learn how to write to sell

Learn how to write to sell

Stop being invisible I know only too well about it being an uphill challenge coming up with new copywriting ideas for your projects, and I also know that you have to ‘learn how to write and sell’, like I did. When you echo somebody’s idea, the chances are that that idea was already copied from …

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Aida Marketing

Aida Marketing

I want your attention In order for your marketing campaign to be successful, it requires FOUR aspects or qualities. This can be summarized as the Aida Marketing model. Your first priority, at all costs, is to get hold of your reader’s short ATTENTION span. Your audience needs to be hooked within seconds of laying eyes …

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