Our Crowning Glory

Bruce willis Jason Statham jamesjohnwrites.com

Men’s hairstyles, like fashion trends, come and go.   Throughout the years, history has seen some great styles which tend to outlive those who wear them.  In days gone by, having it long was prestigious.  King Louis XIV posed for portraits and made public appearances wearing a dark brown long wig.  Nicknamed ‘Le Chevelu’, because of …

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Background Music

background music jamesjohnwrites.com

The background music during a roof party was enjoyable, for some.  It was easy listening and given another time, a different surrounding, given a different set of circumstances, I would have swayed to and fro with the beat.  Instead, I put the glass of sweet white wine to my lips, sipped at it, and gazed …

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App launches to support the creative writing of people with aphasia

Brain Damage Aphasia jamesjohnwrites.com

People with aphasia can enjoy producing creating writing, including poetry, and shared via social media, thanks to City, University of London researchers and people with aphasia. The MakeWrite app is a FREE download at the Apple Store, to mark World Poetry Day. Aphasia is a language disorder resulting from damage to portions of the brain. …

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Death in Black

Death in Black 1 jamesjohnwrites.com

Weak and terrified, I slowly came to.  My one comrade in arms, Tom, was still unconscious in a corner of the filthy and cold room.   I wasn’t any braver than him, and I had no idea how long I had been out for. Their inhuman ways of trying to get us to talk was too …

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Echoes of a Woman

Descriptive writing echoes of a woman

We all have vibrations, we all have echoes…but some echoes are more powerful than others.  An echo can be mysterious and confusing.  An echo can be distressing and also alarming. An echo can but even be pleasant, especially if it bounces off the pages of wonderful memories, memories of a special someone, be they recent… …

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I took to her from the very first time I laid my eyes on her.  Her sleek curves and trim shape attracted me so much, something in me moved.  I just had to have her.  She was all I ever wanted, but she wasn’t mine to enjoy, except to admire from a distance. I couldn’t …

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The Dark

Forcing one eye open, everywhere was pitch black. I couldn’t hear or see anything, apart from the faint street lamp that fused its weak light on the glass behind the curtains on the bedroom window. I had no idea what time it was as my bedside clock was not working.  My watch was in a …

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