obesity treatment guidelines jamesjohnwrites.com

Obesity Treatment Guidelines 2023

Obesity Treatment Guidelines 2023 Particularly in the United States, obesity has reached pandemic levels. Every year, about $177 billion is spent on illnesses associated with

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Flying Safely jamesjohnwrites.com

Is Flying Safely Possible

Is Flying Safely Possible Millions of passengers regularly fly, and the vast majority of them have no health concerns about flying. To ensure that your

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Taxi at night Serotonin and Stressful Work jamesjohnwrites.com

Serotonin and Stressful Work

Serotonin and Stressful Work (shifts) Technology, international trade, business, and the ambition to maintain an advantage best describe this century. Due to these aspects, businesses

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18 sleep myths busted jamesjohnwrites.com

18 Sleep Myths Busted

18 Sleep Myths Busted A day should include at least 8 hours of sleep. There used to be entirely different norms, but the findings of

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