I took to her from the very first time I laid my eyes on her.  Her sleek curves and trim shape attracted me so much, something in me moved.  I just had to have her.  She was all I ever wanted, but she wasn’t mine to enjoy, except to admire from a distance.

I couldn’t get her out of my mind, out of my thoughts

She had entered my life when least expected and became all that I could think about.

I fantasized about touching her and caressing her all over.  I yearned to make her mine, but my circumstances didn’t permit me to.   I could only perform these flights of fantasy in the seclusion of my thoughts, and in my dreams.

Days, weeks and months went by, and there wasn’t a single day in which she didn’t enter my mind.  I had become obsessed with her and was going crazy for wanting her with a passion.

The many times I tried to get her out of my mind was all fruitless, for every time I encountered beauty in any form or shape, even if insignificant in nature, she was back again in my train of thoughts.    

Lady luck, at last, smiled at me for the opportunity of taking her out for a drive had finally arrived.  Being with her was a beautiful experience and only second to her own personal beauty.   Similar occasions became very frequent, and then, even on a daily basis.

I couldn’t wait to see her again

The seconds away from her seemed like hours, while the hours seemed like decades.  I loved her more than words could ever say.  I loved her even more than myself.  She had managed to make me feel larger than life, like a giant amongst humble mortals, like a mighty God up on Mount Olympus.  She had become a vital part of me, without which I would be totally lost, and living would have no more meaning.

She was always so true, so faithful and reliable.  Such was the profound loyalty that she would always go the extra mile for me, no matter what time of day or night it might be.  She never complained or disappointed me in my moments of need.  I loved her more than anything, or anybody, under the sun.

She was more than perfect

As the years went by, I never needed to look elsewhere to replace her, even though younger alternatives were available.   We grew old together, and the scars of time began to show on her.  She wasn’t as agile as before, and her reflexes had toned down.  The sun’s rays beating down on her once graceful and smooth body took their toll, and surfaced ugly wrinkles to which no treatment was available, an impossibility, just like time couldn’t go back on itself.

A wave of ailments riddled her, and every time, the money spent on her was worth every cent, just to make her better once more.  She meant too much, and no amount of treasure could ever buy the happiness she had made me experience.

Trauma after trauma followed and I had to face up to harsh reality, and accept the bitter fact that she won’t be there for me for much longer.  It was horrific thinking that she wouldn’t be a part of my world anymore, but I had to be brave, at least for her.

My heart was heavy with sorrow the day I had to say ‘Goodbye’ to Winnie.  She was unique, she was wonderful, and she was my companion across many miles.  I walked away from the site where I had laid her to rest, and with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye, I looked back over my shoulder to pay my last respects.  Mr. Evans, the scrap metal merchant, promised he would be gentle with her…

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