Echoes of a Woman

We all have vibrations, we all have echoes…but some echoes are more powerful than others.  An echo can be mysterious and confusing.  An echo can be distressing and also alarming.

An echo can but even be pleasant, especially if it bounces off the pages of wonderful memories, memories of a special someone, be they recent… or be they distant.

Such types of echoes originate from deep within, from your very core, from your very essence, which is the heart and soul of your being.   They make you feel what you feel, they make you think what you think… and they make you act as you act.

If powerful enough, these echoes can make your soul weep, your arms and legs to shiver, or your heart to jump, while every cell in your body vibrates in resonance to the ultimate point of igniting total ecstasy.

These echoes are the very vibrations of life, your deepest self, the energy which keeps you alive…your divine entity.

Relaxing and soothing music generates beautiful echoes.   A walk by the sea in the evening, watching the sun going down over the horizon, generates beautiful echoes.   A bright shining star in the night sky generates beautiful echoes…a tight hug generates beautiful echoes.

But nothing generates such echoes as when your eyes meet the loving gaze of two beautiful eyes, looking at you with all their glory, all their might, all their magnificence, all their warmth, and above all… with all their undivided love.

NOTHING…absolutely nothing comes even close to the sensations, the emotions, or the compassion generated by such an encounter.

One can surrender a great deal of one’s life, and journey to the very limits of the Universe in a quest for such splendour, only to find an illusion, a huge emptiness…a hollowness, a great void that would echo vacantly…and without any meaning.

An echo, a particular vibration from another creature, a creature that vibrates the same echoes as you is a rare find, almost impossible to come across in the span of one humble lifetime…but for some lucky few, they have been fortunate in achieving this state of ecstasy, this harmonic and ultimate bliss…they’ve reached their Nirvana.

It is a feeling, a feeling so beautiful, so wonderful, you end up living it all through the day, and all through the night ‘til your time on this planet comes to a complete stop…as your final grains of sand run out.

So many glorious moments, followed by so many glorious encounters, followed by so many glorious laughs and followed by so many glorious hugs.  Life becomes one huge celebration and nothing, nothing in existence, can stand in your way when the person in your arms is vibrating the same echoes as yours.

You are invincible, nothing can harm you and you are safe, enveloped in her embrace… and her deep passionate love.  Such a beautiful feeling…such a rare find…such glowing radiance… it can only be but a dream in the making, a real fantasy for so few… or an impossible mission for so many.

Nothing in the universe can ever replace such a wonder, and you count the seconds awaiting the next moment you are close to that person for the vibrations from both your beings to be in tune once more, and together the music composed would reach the heavens above and make the angels sing and dance joyfully on the stars…to their heart’s total content.

Such is the power, such is the passion, such is the tranquility, such is the great and immense emotion involved, and nothing on this Earth has such a tremendous and lasting effect on you.     

You want to be as close as you can to savour this creature’s vibrations, this wonderful and special woman, this oasis in a desert, this jewel of a find…this humble angel walking this Earth.

You yearn for these echoes, the ones only a particular woman can make you feel, the type that reach down deep inside you, as they penetrate each cell in your entire being, in tune to her own echoes…                  

…the echoes of a woman.

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