How to Love or Hate Facebook in Real Life

Can you love or hate Facebook? One reason for Facebook’s greatness is because it is a means by which to keep in contact with any of the other one billion monthly active users. It is also a way to pass some time, especially if you get bored often, are lonely, or want to escape from the reality of life for a brief moment.

Facebook has its good points and its bad points, as you will find out as you read along. Yet, you probably know the bad points but don’t wish to admit any.

It’s true, you might say this form of Social Media allows you to talk to family members on the other side of the world for next to nothing. You can even see what they are doing, or how they play with their pets. You can see Granny pushing herself on her wheelchair or your favorite brother or sister doing summersaults in the garden. Why not? It’s fun, it’s brilliant, and it’s so, so…addictive!

You might wish to show the whole world what a wonderful view you have from your bathroom, or your kitchen. And why not show everyone what you had for dinner the previous day. You can put up a photo of you filling your face with a chunk of chocolate cake, with the brown-colored goodies smeared all over your chin. If you are very brave, you could even show them your kitchen sink full of dirty pots and pans. But, be wary of taking offense if you don’t get a few ‘likes’ for these. 

Facebook Like James John Writes love or hate facebook

Will you do anything for ‘Likes’?

Try and figure that one out! 

You will get a thrill when you start seeing ‘Likes’ pop up for your posts. You then feel the need to reciprocate by ‘Liking’ other people’s posts. It’s the neighborly thing to do, even from a million miles away.

You will most likely feel down and out of place at seeing friends posting off their vacation snaps or videos. But, is it a good enough reason to love or hate Facebook? You go green with envy at seeing them diving in crystal clear waters and soaking up the warm sun while bathing on golden-colored sandy beaches. And you, stuck at home, having to go to work the next morning.

If you don’t enjoy other people’s posts, then you can use Facebook to play the countless games they have on offer, addictive as they might be. You do need to be a tad careful of how many hours of the day you spend playing these games. The more of a competitive person you are, the more you might get hooked.

Facebook is a virtual world, full of virtual friends and relations of sorts.


Things become weird when you give more importance to online friends than to your surrounding real friends or family members. Those members of the family you can enjoy hugging for real.

I have seen this happening in restaurants.

Virtual friends, or real ones?

A typical scenario is parents sitting down to enjoy a meal with their kids. Then, instead of engaging in stimulating conversation or other family activity, the adults pull out their mobile phones. Then they’ll start sending messages, or whatever, to whoever it might be. The kids follow suit in the electronic world as their parents hand them their tablets to play and behave.  

The adults will only stop this virtual escape from reality for a few seconds. This is time enough to tell the waitress what they’d like to order. Before the waitress even has time to thank them, they quickly lose themselves back in their little cyber world. Life in their real world takes secondary importance as their unreal world takes over.

Love or hate facebook facebook drug james john writes


If this Social Media platform is not controlled, it can become a terrible waste of time, more so if you are short of the one luxury that’s counted in seconds. Facebook can be very addictive, and it could take quite some effort to say, “Enough is enough”. Another good reason to love or hate Facebook?

Scary stuff.                      


Some users say they find Facebook useful to keep themselves updated with what is going on in the world and don’t bother looking at genuine news sites. Hmmm…this might be awkward and misleading as not all the ‘news’ you get on Social Media sites is genuine. Most of it is a load of rubbish, and completely fake.

Dead before their time – a good excuse to love or hate Facebook?

How many famous people have been declared dead? After the word goes around like wildfire on Facebook, even reaching the ‘dead’ person, who then turns out not to be dead after all.

Yes, you ought should take what you read and see on this platform with a rather large pinch of salt.

One of the brilliant benefits of Facebook is that you can use this for business. It’s not that complicated, and it is quite rewarding if you know how to play your cards right.

This is how I have been using Facebook lately, focusing on my business Page, called “James John Writes”.


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