Men’s hairstyles, like fashion trends, come and go.   Throughout the years, history has seen some great styles which tend to outlive those who wear them. 

In days gone by, having it long was prestigious.  King Louis XIV posed for portraits and made public appearances wearing a dark brown long wig.  Nicknamed ‘Le Chevelu’, because of his longer hair than most of his predecessors, King Chlodio V’s hair was a symbol of status.  While Royalty enjoyed theirs long, lower class citizens, as well as slaves, wore it short or shaved their heads. 

Throughout the ages, men’s hair changed style following music trends, like The Beatles’ Mop Tops.  A style adopted by bad boys was the pompadour, made famous by Elvis Presley and James Dean.  Jimi Hendrix gave us the Afro.  Bob Marley the dreadlocks, while Bob Dylan made the disheveled look, desirable.   For those who didn’t give theirs much importance, they adopted Albert Einstein’s style, which made his ‘mad scientist’ persona a legend.

Hair, declared as our crowning glory, is important for many.  It represents you!  The first thing people notice when they look at you is your hair.  Of course, it’s something quite different if you have none at all!  This opens up a whole new perspective, but there is help at hand…wigs.  The variety of styles, length, and colour to choose from is endless, and these can even be tailor-made, providing one can dig deep enough into ones’ pockets. 

Having a full head of hair is vital for many.  It makes a person feel good, builds a sense of confidence, and even of superiority. 

For a man, apart from bald being a sign of toughness, this has many advantages, like not needing to go to the barber, hairdresser, or stylist.  Not to mention all the money saved on related products. When every minute in the morning counts, a bald man is on top. 

For teenagers, it is a time to be adventurous, a time to try countless different styles to express attitudes, make statements, be fashionable, or to imitate their favourite pop idols.  

A man’s hair, to some extent, dictates who he is and how he sees himself.  This relationship can be a very touchy and delicate one.  For those with a receding hairline, or the appearance of patches, particularly at an early age, can be a depressing, traumatic, and suicidal moment.  

For Jason Statham and Bruce Willis, thinning hair or baldness has no negative effect on them at all. 

Unfortunately, the passage of time takes its toll on our crowning glory in more ways than one.  The changing of its colour to grey, even if some women find this ‘salt-and-pepper’ look attractive, annoys most men as it’s a sign that their best years are behind them. 

Accepting defeat is not an option for the vain, and bravely attempt to hide their growing greyness by dying it, or by committing the greatest taboo…shaving it all off.  

The demand on the hair industry is so great, hairdressers and stylists have appeared everywhere.  Short hair can be beautiful, just as much as long hair is, whatever the style, colour, or availability. 

Whatever the case, life is too short to worry about such matters, so ‘let your hair down’, if you still have any, and enjoy life to the max.