Pensioners and Pets

Pensioners and Pets

In what may sometimes be a lonely stage of life, the relationship between pensioners and pets can bring about meaning and enjoyment.

There’s no denying that caring for a pet in older life might provide some difficulties. These difficulties could be physical, as well as financial. This is even more so if your pension isn’t that great. Yet, many believe that living alone without their much-loved pet would be unimaginable.

As pets go, the norm to keep is either cats or dogs. Each animal has its pros and cons, and I can write about both. Since at the moment our house hosts cats, I’ll start with having these as pets. 

Until a few years ago, I thought cats were nothing more than horrible and stinky. I also thought that there was no way on Earth a cat was going to enter our home. Yet, my wife loves them to pieces, and try as I might, at the time I could never understand why.

The day came when I was to be surprised, or better still, shocked! After a long and tiresome session at work, I was glad to be home, take my shoes off, and enjoy a nice cup of tea away from the general hassle at the office. I had had enough that day and I only wanted to crash on the sofa.

My wife had other ideas

My wife had other plans! She came up to me and smiled a different sort of smile. I wasn’t quite sure what to think as she doesn’t smile in that particular sort of way all that often. Then, from behind her, I could have sworn I saw a cat walking across the room. I didn’t realize that my day was bad enough for me to start hallucinating.

But, I wasn’t!

I had a rush of mixed feelings, but I was way too tired to argue. The cat ‘hallucination’ seemed harmless enough, and I smiled back. My wife’s face lit up after I said, “Oh, have we got a cat?”

From that day on, I never looked back, well, rarely. Over the years, our family had increased by three cats, and presently we have the fourth one. It’s thanks to these cats I can write from first-hand experience about the pros and cons of having these pets.

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Since retirement, I can see things from a different perspective. I’m mostly at home, and if I’m not busy, things can become quite lonely and isolated. Our present cat isn’t brilliant for any company because he sleeps throughout most of the day, only to surface when he’s hungry. Still, it’s always better than not having him at all in the house. This holds since my wife still works, and I’m most of the time home on my own.

Yet, I have a long list of things I need to cater to, which helps me a great deal to keep me occupied, so being alone isn’t as bad as it might seem.