The Dark

Forcing one eye open, everywhere was pitch black.

I couldn’t hear or see anything, apart from the faint street lamp that fused its weak light on the glass behind the curtains on the bedroom window.

I had no idea what time it was as my bedside clock was not working. 

My watch was in a cupboard in one of the drawers.  I had taken it off some days before as it was irritating my skin.   

No familiar noises to help me know what time it could be.   All I knew was that it definitely was a bad time. 

Even the neighbour’s clock, the one from downstairs that chimes every quarter, was silent.  Was it broken…or was it moved to a different room further away…enough for me not to hear it? 

I was well and truly lost in time…

It felt warm, cozy and snug in bed but I still was a bit uneasy. 

Hopefully, If I didn’t think about it, it might go away, and I would be able to relax enough to go back to sleep once again. 

In the background, I heard the faint noise of raindrops as they struck the window.  The wind gained speed as well.  It seemed like a storm was brewing up. 

The sensation of being uncomfortable grew more intense and not thinking about it was becoming a huge effort. 

It gradually turned into an annoying pain and felt it getting worse with each moment that went by. 

Sleep proved to be an elusive commodity. 

The rain and wind became severe. 

I had to make a tough decision.   

I knew I had to make a move. 

Time was running out and it didn’t look like things were going to get any better, no matter how hard I tried. 

Must I remain where it was nice and warm, but in pain…or do I get out and go for a pee?

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