The Flying Creature from the Dark

I was not enjoying that sound for it meant I had company. A flying creature of the undesirable kind was in the vicinity. It was the type of company I could do without, especially while I was drifting away into slumber. 

It wasn’t the winged vampire itself that was on my mind, or the drop of red essence going through my veins I was about to lose to it. Out of all the red liquid that runs through my entire being, ending up with a drop less wasn’t going to have any significant effect.

What was on my mind once this type of encounter takes place, once a drop of blood becomes food, was the incredible itching that would ensue.

I would have gladly donated a whole pint of my precious blood, more than enough to feed an entire colony of such beasts, in return for one good night’s rest…a luxury that was recently evading me.

The flying creature from the dark a drop of blood

An Elusive Flying Creature From the Dark

I would have gladly donated a whole pint of my precious blood, more than enough to feed an entire colony of such beasts, in return for one good night’s rest…a luxury that was recently evading me.

Honing my ears trying to get a bearing on this flying creature’s buzz was proving worse than futile. 

Mental images of a night-time aerial attack by invading enemy forces, while the defending ground crews rushed about mustering their equipment, their guns of war, before becoming victims of such a deadly assault from the dark above, entered my drifting mind.   

I wasn’t armed and didn’t have any equipment to deal with such a dilemma.

The only option left was to try to take cover as best as I could, with the hope that the pest would alter its course, and tune in to a different target somewhere else, leaving me alone to carry on with my journey into the Land of Nod. 

Weapons of a Deadly Nature

The heat and carbon dioxide sensors built into this tiny airborne beast are of an advanced nature, and avoiding detection wasn’t an easy feat by far.   

For a moment I laughed at myself for the situation I was in. How can something so small present such a threat to something so large in comparison? 

I stopped feeling humiliated when I remembered the effect a tiny harmless mouse has on an elephant.   

I had one leg exposed, but with one swift motion, this was once more under the sanctuary of the covers, depriving one less item on the bloodsucker’s menu.   

It felt safe leaving only my nose exposed as more images came to mind.

This time of ships struck by a great storm out at sea, and the only guidance, the only aid these had to direct them to safety came in the form of a light shining brightly from a beacon.   

The Flying Creature from the Dark mosquito resized
The Flying Creature from the Dark A beacon at night

There was a dangerous silence again...

Was my nose acting like such a beacon and instead of directing ships to safety, it was directing an airborne armada to its destination?  

Did the flying critter miss me this time? Did it ignore my beacon? Had it honed in on another target somewhere else? Were my tactics working? 

Or was it waiting for reinforcements to arrive, and ready to dive down on me with all guns blazing when the moment was right?

There was no way of knowing, so I waited and listened.

Silence reigned once again.   

I heard my stomach rumble. 

I felt hungry. 

I wondered if the circling enemy’s stomach was rumbling as well. 

When all seemed safe and drifting away into oblivion was so near at hand, the flying creature from the dark made its move with a sudden attack. 

Loud high-pitched noises hovered above my head from every angle possible. Its tiny wings were moving the air, like little fans, above my face and it felt fresh.

Its little body caressed my ear and the sound was deafening. 

David and Goliath

I was helpless against such an entity that prided itself on such advanced armaments. I defended myself against the invisible adversary using my upper limbs as huge rackets. 

It was a daring raid. Then, as quickly as it had started… it ended, so swift, and yet, so brief. 

The final outcome, unknown. 

Silence enveloped the room one more time. Was it preparing for another assault? Was it still hungry, or was I one drop less of my red essence? I wondered if it change its plan of attack…

The next morning I opened my eyes as the light from the window brought me back into the land of the living. 

I remembered the violent battle that had raged only a short while before. I wondered if I was the loser in the battle and if I had become its prey. 

Turning my head, on my pillow I noticed a drop of blood that had soaked into the material. Next to it was the creature…a little body whose flying days were a thing of the past. 

I sighed. 

I guess we both were losers in the dreadful battle that had taken place.   

I had lost my drop of blood, the creature’s food, a drop of blood that I could have easily done without, and the creature had lost its life trying to consume it…