The last minute packing for your fabulous trip

Being retired has plenty of advantages. Having bags of time at your disposal, you can go on holiday whenever you want, provided, of course, you have the finances available. Going places and enjoying yourself to the max help you not to become an old fart. So, you’re off on your well-earned holiday at last, but don’t let last minute packing ruin your wonderful vacation. Packing doesn’t have to be at all stressful. Ticking off a checklist, as per the one below, works wonders.

Airport security measures have evolved and tightened. Some goods you might want to consider leaving at home, while others you might want to consider taking with you. For a smoother journey and vacation, consider the following items:

Drinking water regularly reduces flying discomfort

Bottled water: Drinking water regularly can help to reduce a lot of the discomfort that flying can bring on. Additionally, depending on where you’re going, having a bottle you can fill with water can be quite helpful.

If you are in your golden years, your healthy lifestyle might have taken a kick in the nether regions. In other words, things could have become complicated health-wise. The circumstances would be even worse if you developed a disability. If your situation doesn’t inhibit your traveling, but you might be diabetic, you will enjoy packing a few snacks. This is beneficial even if you aren’t a diabetic. Most times, security personnel wouldn’t raise any eyebrows because of food. To combat low blood sugar, keep some tiny, sweet, and high-protein snacks on hand.

Even without a baby, you’ll need baby wipes

Even if you don’t have a baby, you will most likely need baby wipes as well. These will be useful if you eat anything sticky and are unable to get up to use the restroom.

You will need to discover a safe manner to carry your valuables and money wherever you go. You can kiss your family’s vacation ‘bye-bye’ caused by the loss of your passports and credit cards. If you’re a frequent traveler, it can be worthwhile for you to spend a little money on something special and useful. Money belts are one method of carrying valuables, although they can sometimes appear clumsy and conspicuous.

Your geeky lime green fanny pack shouldn’t stick out

Another option is a fanny pack. It depends on your destination. Bear in mind that you don’t want to stand out with your geeky lime green fanny pack. Leaving your jewelry at home may be a good idea depending on where you’re going. Criminals are everywhere, and all they do is hunt gullible tourists.

If you intend to travel alone for an extended amount of time, you must have some sort of portable entertainment device. One of the many portable entertainment systems has uses beyond only technophiles. If you fly, expect delays, so having something to pass the time would be appreciated. You may instantly improve your mood wherever you are by loading an iPod with your favorite music.

A first-aid kit in your last minute packing may also help

A first-aid kit is another thing that might be beneficial. Even if you don’t need one, knowing that you can cater to any emergency can provide you comfort. Include pain relievers for headaches,  and anti-inflammatory medication. Today’s market offers some fantastic little first-aid kits for travel.

It’s a good idea to include one or two plastic bags in your bag. At some point along your journey, you’ll come to need one. Plastic bags have a peculiar way of being necessary and difficult to locate at the same time. You will find a purpose for one at some point during your vacation if you roll these up so they don’t take up any room. You can end up needing to pack your clothes and wet shoes. These are only a few suggestions to reduce your travel anxiety. When traveling, it’s crucial to remember that air travel has changed since 9/11.

After a deep breath, compose a quick last minute packing list

No matter how hurried you are, take a moment to sit down and make a fast packing list after taking a deep breath. Making a list of what you need to take could spare you the anguish of discovering you have several pairs of trousers, but no underwear when you get to your destination.

Before packing, even if packing at the last minute, it’s not a bad idea to check with the airline about the cabin and carry-on luggage restrictions.

Last minute packing checklist essentials

The list isn’t in any particular sequence. At the end of the day, everything has its importance, but keep it handy during last minute packing.

Travel Documents: This includes passports and boarding passes, Itenary, and a Visa when visiting certain countries.

What NOT to pack: Even since security at airports has tightened, and with good reason, some things you’re not allowed to take on board your flight. For a list of do’s and don’ts, take a look at Travel Security Screening

Accommodation: If you plan a long stay at a hotel, or other resort, print a copy of your reservation and have this handy on checking in. Nothing worse than your phone dying out on you, or you can’t find the printout since it could be “anywhere”.

Of cars, GPS or maps, and cash/local currency

Car: The same holds for car rental. It would be a good idea to have your car hiring details printed out and presented on the collection of your vehicle.

GPS or Maps: Depending on where you are, and what kind of cellular coverage you’ll have, it would be ideal if you have backup maps just in case your GPS fails to work.

Cash/Local currency: It is always recommended to take some cash, and in the local currency of where you’re traveling to. Don’t take too much though, as should somebody decide they take it off you, you’ve had it. Your holiday will be a total disaster from head to toe.

Your holiday could be a hot and wet one

Swimsuit: It doesn’t hurt to pack this up, even if you are going to a skiing resort. You might be surprised to find out your accommodation could have a heated pool. Taking one is always a good idea since these don’t take up any space, and you might regret not having packed one.

Lip balm: This can be a lifesaver if you’re planning to go to a sun-drenched location. Having your lips shredded to pieces is no fun while on holiday.

Sunglasses: It depends if you’re a stylish person, or will make do with any pair of sunglasses you’ll find at your destination should you forget to pack yours up.

Hat: This will come in very handy if your holiday destination is a place in the sun. It doesn’t have to be by the sea, as even the desert is a place in the sun. Without a hat in such places, you’re cooked.

Insect Repellent: There’s nothing worse while you’re on holiday than to try and get some sleep, but horrible monsters decide to bleed you dry. Apart from suffering from the lack of badly needed sleep, you’re also prone to catching some horrible diseases, especially in tropical countries.

Of snacks, credit cards, and travel insurance

Snacks: These NEVER go amiss, no matter what you’re doing. You should always pack a couple of packets of something when you’re traveling. Nibbling on something also helps to calm your nerves down a little. If you don’t have anything to sink your teeth in, you might end up eating your nails instead. Beach towels

Credit Cards: The importance of these things goes without saying. They are more important than your cash as even if you lose your credit cards, or they’re stolen, you can always get a replacement. Yet, if you lose your money, and that’s all you have, you’re in big trouble.

Travel Insurance: This is very recommended, especially if you’re a million miles away from home, and the locals aren’t very helpful, or there’s a language problem. This is also important in case you have some health issues or disabilities.

With toothbrushes, toothpaste, toiletries, and an umbrella thrown in

Toothbrushes and toothpaste: Toothbrushes can be bought from most places. Yet, if you only want yours from home, you stand at a disadvantage. About toothpaste, any hotel or accommodation worth its stars will provide you with these things when you check in.

Toiletries: – Shaving razor/Deo/Shampoo. Depending on where you are going, you might get things like soap, deodorant, and shampoo. This depends on the number of stars your accommodation boasts of. Things like shaving razors are more personal, and it would be wise to take yours with you. Your hotel or resort could also supply you with shaving foam.

Umbrella: OK, sunshine might be the forecast, but you can also end up getting wet by a freak shower. If you can pack a collapsing one, it might come in handy when you least expect it to.

Use the right equipment and avoid smokes and sparks

Voltage Adaptor: Most of the modern equipment today enjoys a varied alternating current input voltage. The norm is between 110v to 240v. This helps you not to have to worry about your equipment failing because of incorrect voltage input. countries today.

Universal power point adaptor: Different countries have different power point outlets. Luckily, you can buy adaptors that you can use in almost any country you will be visiting. This will solve your power source plugging-in problems.

Phone charger and cables: Traveling without a phone charger is asking for trouble. Apart from the risk of ending up lost and isolated, having to buy these from airports or resorts might cost you an arm and a leg. A solution not to end up in this situation is to always have a spare charger and power cords in your usual travel bag.

Notebook and charger: You can’t have one without the other here. Depending on the nature of your trip, you might be glued to your notebook. This will drain your battery in no time and needs a top-up of juice.

Life is full of surprises, of all kinds…even during last minute packing

A laundry bag: You will be needing this, even after a few days of traveling. It’ll only surprise you how fast dirty laundry piles up. Having a laundry bag is ideal to separate your clean items, from the soiled ones.

A first-aid kit: While enjoying your holiday without any accidents is what we hope for, having a first-aid kit at hand is always a good thing. More so if you’re on the road and there’s isn’t anywhere to buy creams or band-aids for miles. You can also pack particular medication in it, like headache pills, diarrhea tablets, painkillers, as well as travel-sickness pills. Having these medications packed away in your kit is always better than needing them and not having any.

A book: If you enjoy a good book, what better time to lose yourself in one when traveling? If you are not the reading material type, then take a crossword puzzle book, a magazine, or a comic. Anything to get your mind off hours of traveling.

Being suitably dressed, water, and plastic bags

Suitable clothing: Even if you’re going to a tropical place for your holiday, it won’t hurt to pack away something to keep the chill off during the evenings. Something light just to cover your skin will be more than enough, which will avoid you from having to buy it from there. It’s little things like these you’ll miss, which might ruin your fun.

Water: Drinking water often can lessen the discomfort that flying might cause by quite a bit. Additionally, having a bottle that you can fill with water can be beneficial depending on where you’re going.

Plastic bags: One or two plastic bags should be part of your luggage. You’ll find yourself in need of one at some time along your travels. Plastic bags have an odd habit of being both needed and hard to get at the same time. If you roll these up so they don’t take up any space, you’ll find a use for one at some point during your vacation.

Precautionary measures first and foremost, even during last minute packing

Email yourself important documents and other details before you start your last minute packing. This would include accommodation, car hire, appointments, itinerary, passport, and other important documentation. The reason behind this exercise is that if you should lose some important physical documents, you can always fall back on their digital alternatives. Another advantage to this is that if your phone dies out for good, and your information is in your email account, you can access all the information from any computer having an internet connection.

And with that…

Have a fantastic trip, plan, be safe, and always be ready for everything and anything.