Thrilling Life Skill Working in a High Tech Casino

Would you change a boring 9 – 5 job with something non-conventional, exciting, thrilling, and a whole lot of buzz, like working in a high tech casino?

Many have gone for such a challenging job and never looked back, at least not before many years.

The majority might argue that even though the amount of money made in a forty-hour week might be an issue, the element of satisfaction involved in particular jobs compensates for this. 

One such job is in the gaming industry. This could be either online or offline or as the latter is usually referred to, as brick-and-mortar casinos.

Work in casinos has boomed all over the world. These places are always on the lookout for people who would like to give them a try.

Many are those advantages of working in a casino, which include sensations and entertainment.

In both online and offline casinos, chances are you’ll be working on a shift system from Monday to Sunday, on a 24/7 rota. Don’t panic as you’ll still be working forty hours unless expected to do overtime. In which case, you can opt to do it or not. It depends on your financial situation, on how demanding your Management is, or on the gravity of the situation.

Seniority Comes First

As is the case, in general, the best shifts and desired leave end up offered first by seniority. Yet, unfortunately, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, and this applies to working in a casino as well. 

Work in a casino is certainly different from any other job out there. More so if it involves working in a high tech casino.

In a brick-and-mortar type, you’ll find various positions available. Of course, also a distinct difference in pay scale depending on the position you choose. 

A casino is a complex structure. It includes all those jobs found in the F & B and hotel entertainment industries.

The list of jobs includes Surveillance, Security, Cash Desk, Reception, Marketing, HR, Accounts, Cleaners, Maintenance, IT, Electricians, Events, the Live Gaming staff, and of course, the famous Slots Department.

You’ll start with a low-end wage, but this would include tips. Gradually, your income should increase with every year of your employment. 

Thrilling Life Skill Working in a High Tech Casino Slot Machine

Please note that this increase in wage doesn’t always hold, and it only reflects the type of Management running the show. 

You don’t necessarily have to start in a high-end position. In time, and a whole lot of luck, you’ll start moving up the ladder of success.

This doesn’t apply to all casinos. Due to various reasons, some casinos are not capable of retaining their staff for any length of time.  

In these cases, people end up leaving in the same position they were originally engaged in.

A Large Turnover of Staff is a No-No, even if Working in a High Tech Casino

Before you decide to sign up to a particular casino, get some feedback about its turnover of staff. This includes working in a high tech casino.

The higher up the scale it is, the more you don’t want to be part of such an unstable organization. That is unless you are desperate for employment.

You’ll get casinos that expect their new staff to be already trained. Yet, if there is a shortage of experienced personnel, then these will need training for their new position.

One of the most famous training facilities is a “Dealers School”. From here, green and inexperienced people walk out as proud Dealers, almost ready to face the world and the wrath of a losing client.

On the floor, you’ll get to meet weird and wonderful people. You’ll get to meet people who are neither here nor there. You’ll get to meet people who all they want in life is to be happy. You’ll also meet people who think that going to a casino is the only way to become happy. 

Yes, all these people exist.

Part of your job is to make sure everything runs in the smoothest of ways. This includes the well-being of customers, be they winning, or even losing. You need to ensure people are happy. This is not to say that you’re to start pointing to slot machines that will pay them out a jackpot.

Care for a Jackpot?

That will never happen, and not because you don’t want to, but because there is no way on Earth of knowing when a machine will decide to be generous and give out a handsome win. This would be even truer if you end up playing on a slot machine that decides to go faulty and requires repair, instead of paying out.

It can be quite strenuous being the perfect host to people who are desperate for that win, that particular bet which will strike them the win of a lifetime.

Of course, there will always be those who look at you with an evil eye and think you are the one responsible for their losses. This holds more weight if you are working in the Slots Department, more so if you are a Slots Technician

What it is to be a Slots Technician

These members of the casino, who are both loved and loathed by the majority, hold the most important keys. The general idea is that they not only hold the keys to the machines but also the ones triggering off the jackpots.

No amount of reasoning will be enough to get these customers to understand that you have nothing to do with their winning or losing.

In such a demanding and intense working atmosphere, it comes as no surprise that casino employees reach the end of their line quicker than most of those working in other jobs. 

NOBODY Enjoys Being Hassled to Hell

The reason is simple. They get fed up with all the hassle, all the insults, and most times by the lack of appreciation for their efforts and hard work.

Since working in a casino is an entertainment orientated job, you’ll find that the workload increases in the evenings, during holidays, and even more as it gets closer to the weekend.

During weekdays, especially in the mornings, casinos are not usually crowded, although can be if the casino is giving out promotional bonuses.

Working in a casino is not like a normal office job where you start at 09:00 and leave at 17:00. These hours are unheard of unless you’re part of the Administration and work in an office.   

One asset you’ll need when you work in a casino is that you need to be super fit as you’ll be all over the place, all the time, and on your feet. Just for this, going through pairs of shoes quite often is very normal. As demanding as it is, this physical activity is great for keeping you nice and trim. After all, how many overweight members of the casino do you see on the floor?

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