What is the best pet for me

I have grown to appreciate cats for many reasons, even though a cat was never my first choice as the best pet. Yet, my wife loves them. She would always choose a cat over a dog, and she has good reasons for that. I have to admit she’s right in her choice, even if I do prefer dogs in the first place.

I am aware of a lot of people who are thinking about getting a pet for themselves, their families, or their friends. The majority of them sort of laugh and respond, “They are only contemplating dogs, of course,” when I ask what sorts of pets they are considering. I’m not sure why people react in this way, but I’ve tried my best in recent times to start advocating for acquiring a cat rather than a dog.

I’m guilty of having a slight prejudice in favor of owning a cat as opposed to a dog. I have had cats in our house since my boys were little. We’re talking almost thirty years ago. I know a friend who has countless cats in her house…and they all live together in harmony. It’s not easy to imagine that, but it’s the way it is.

We’ve never bought pets, and we won’t

During all these years, I’m pleased to announce we have never bought any pets, and we don’t plan on doing so either. We felt there was so much demand for cats coming from shelters that it would be cruel to go and buy a pet when these poor cats were rejected by their owners. The reasons behind these are many, and I’m not going there, not yet anyway.

As I share with you a few excellent reasons why you should at least think about getting a cat as your next pet rather than a dog, I’ll make an effort to put all my bias aside.

First off, compared to dogs, cats are a lot more convenient as pets for many people, including those enjoying their golden years. Consider this. Getting a dog necessitates someone being at home almost all the time, at least for the first several months of ownership. The fact is that you need somebody at home to care for them from day one. Dogs are like kids, young kids. You can’t leave them alone, not because you don’t trust them or anything, but because they’ll be heartbroken when you go and leave them, even for a few days. On top of that, they wait for you to put food and water in front of them. Without you, they’ll end up starving.

Cats don’t need toilet training, walks, or playtime

An advantage of having a cat is that it’s not necessary to toilet train it, take it outside, walk it, or spend all day playing with it. A cat makes the ideal pet for independent people because it is a more independent animal. We have left our cat alone for a day or so, and as long as you leave it enough food and water, it’ll be fine. Deep down, I have a feeling that once in a while it enjoys seeing the back of us as it will have the run of the whole house and do what it wants, without any interruptions.

Cats are ideal for people who can’t take out dogs for walkies, for exercising, and for letting the dog do its business. Cats are ideal for pensioners, who only want to enjoy their golden years taking it easy, and not be harassed or hassled having to take their dog walkies. You might not be able to walk very well or have some physical inhibition that keeps you from walking a dog, or from walking miles.

In situations like these, who wants confinement to a creature that requires so much time and care?

Cats are reliable, peaceful companions, and make best pets 

Having a dependable, peaceful friend is yet another excellent argument in favor of choosing a cat as opposed to a dog. The fact that dogs may be loud and noisy is one of my least favorite aspects of them. At times, a cat will meow, although not quite as loudly as a dog. Cats are the ideal pet for the majority of retired people because they are generally calm. They are fantastic because cats typically enjoy being around people, making them the ideal choice for you if you want a peaceful companion that will still be close by.

While cats are loving, I still think a dog is more, but having said that, a dog comes with a great deal of work that few people can adapt to that workload. This is even more so if all the people in the house go to work, and there is nobody to play with, take the dog for walkies, or see that it is doing fine.

For obvious reasons, cats are easier than dogs.

In general, cats need a lot less effort than dogs, for obvious reasons. Most cat owners will tell you wonderful tales about why they adore having a cat as a pet. So if you’re considering getting a pet, consider the advantages of getting a cat. Witness the benefits of having a cat in your hectic and demanding life.

Cats can be wonderful pets, as long as you treat them well, and are not bullied or roughed up when they are kittens. In such cases, it wouldn’t surprise me if the cats would grow up to be rather on the strange side, which isn’t desirable…but such cases are few and far between thank goodness.